Your deadlines are our deadlines, 
and we don't miss them!  We are 24/7 and have translators in all time zones so if you have tight deadlines we can get someone on the job while you sleep.  You don't have to worry because we have your task being completed under tight controls, saving you time, money and worry.We translate your Manuals, Product descriptions, Safety Signage and Guidelines Legal Agreements Videos Employment Agreements Marketing Materials

Our systems, like yours, are geared to extract and supply your message efficiently to maximize your translation value with the minimum amount of hassle and time. Whether you are extracting oil and gas, liquid or solid minerals, we have people who speak your language with background knowledge of your operating procedures.  Our belief in intelligent translations means we operate over and above the usual levels to use our expertise in language to get your message across.

Confidential and Accessible 

Our platform is internally accessed by our translators and project managers so your files are handled an absolute minimum amount of times.  You don’t need to worry about your content being leaked to the market. 

We have created a unique client review function where you can check the translation as it is happening and add any comments, feedback or change requests that can then be applied to the translation.  You can contact us at anytime if you have concerns, feedback or review questions, we have a project manager available to you 24/7.  

​Axxia, Inc.

Translators with Background Knowledge

Your content is provided back translated expertly and accurately.  We select translators with a background in the subject matter who are also experts in your language pair so that we have people working on your text that understand mining and energy specific language and terminology.  You can add reserved terms and glossaries for us to adhere by or we can provide them for you.  You can leave the hassle of locating the best translator to us because we have a over 4000 translators available in all time zones.